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Truth: Cosmologic, psychologic, theologic, philosophic...We have been promised. What shall we do while we wait?

April 2006-April 2008

The eternal silence of these infinite spaces fills me with


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Angsts,  Essays, Fiction


Family &  The South
True Angst: The Comic Strip

Family Photos Featuring My Mother:
Frances Butcher Leach/27 October 2006

True Angst, The Comic Strip: Self-Doubt/9 February 2007

Captain James Edward Leach: World War Two/ 28 July 2006

True Angst, The Comic Strip: Thinking About Men/ 21 September 2007

I Phone/ 13 July 2007

True Angst, The Comic Strip: Real Fear/28 March 2008

Gone South I-59: Understanding/20 October 2006

Gone South I-59: Ted's Moustache/6 October 2006


I Still Don't Travel Well: But I'm Going to My Class Reunion/
1 September 2006

The Usefulness of Snapshsots: With Apologies to the Shooters/25 August 2006

Journal Entry/31 August 2007

Religion, Idiocy, Atheism

The Idiot's Secret/30 March 2007


An Unnamed Religion: Art Connections/27 July 2007

On Wishing that Some Atheists Would Shut the Hell
Up and That Goes For Me/4 May 2007

Aging & Disease But Nice

O Sensitive One/ 21 March 2008

Signs of Age:Self-pity/2 November 2007

Ancient Wisdom/20 July 2007


What About the Days?/ 15 June 2007

Photograph in Search of a Caption/ 14 March 2008

At The Doc's: A Short Story/1 February 2008

Irascibility/ 14 December 2007

Poor Robert's Almanac/11 January 2008

Staged Reading/13 April 2008,
a revision of "Unseemly Actions (Reciprocity)"/3 Nov. 2006

Bobby Leeds: Artifacts/18 January 2008

The Wellness Greeting Card/8 February 2008

Body Modification Without Dieting

Bled and Dyed/9 March 2007

This Evening's Lecture: An Explication of Last Week's Modify Body Modify Mind/16 March 2007


Vegas Journey/18 May 2007

Diamond Vegas/25 May 2007

Fabulous Las Vegas: Hotter Than The Valley/14 July 2006

Politics, Neighborhood, Miscellany & Showbiz

Screeners: For My Consideration/ 30 November 2007

The Usefulness of Snapshsots: With Apologies to the Shooters/25 August 2006

Letter to Danny DeVito, Note to Apt. Bldg. Mgr./2 Feb.2007

Why Would I Say That?: Hell & Its Benefits/30 June 2006

The Planet, Green Things, Wretched

I Don't Travel Well: And Booze Doesn't Help/6 April 2006

I Am Deep Green/ 16 November 2007

On My Collection of Fountain Pens/15 February 2008

Wine Truth: In Vino Veritas?9 May 2006

The Bowerbird Likes Pretty Things/ 7 September 2007

Worthy of Cats: Alex & Jimmie, All Cats/19 October 2006

Footnote to a Poem/26 October 2007

Gold Slippers:For Her Dreams/22 September 2006

Photo Play: The Benefits of Walking/17 November 2006


On Tuesday I Took A Walk/16 February 2007

Yesterday Was Thanksgiving:
In An Absence of Angels/24 Nov. 2006

Some Answers to the Question/12 October 2007

Alex At The Door/29 February 2008

Celebrities Who Have Known Me

Staged Reading/13 April 2008

My Time With 'The Doors': Very Much on This Side/
15 September 2006

Exercising With Ted: Getting Through The Night/5 Jan. 2007

Reprints from 'country CONNECTIONS'

Impressions of A Hero: Chris DeRose
Originally published in December 1998

Get Out Anyway: Our Time In The Woods
Originally published June 1997


Satire & Humor

George W. Bush & His Thumb: Thoughtful Moments

I'm Sorry Yolanda: Floors Aren't Easy


Helpful Spanish Phrases: As If We Really Gave a Good Goddamn


B'ham Alumni Journal

Geriantics: Fun With Seniors!

Mel Gibson is a Great Actor and People Are Being Unfair

Urgent Mental Healthcare Notice

President Bush Planning Iraq Strategy: A Military Mind At Work

The Getty: High Above The City

Reply? Extraterrestrial Communication?/28 September 2007



My Father's Fingers Touch My Lips/B.L.


Animals in Their Wakeful Dreams/B.L.

L.A. Poems/B.L.



Basement Rites/B.L.

Look, The Pain That You Feel/B.L.



Ailurophilia: The Guest Cat Program
and Miscellaneous Songs of Praise

Worthy of Cats: Alex & Jimmie, All Cats




Images from Robert Royal
and Catherine Roberts Leach



Caffeine Dreams:
The Coffee Wimp considers coffee at $200
(that's two-hundred) per pound.

Links, Comments and Songs of Praise

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