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Catherine Roberts Leach

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Catherine Roberts Leach was born in New York City and currently lives in California. She is a self-taught, fine art photographer focusing on moments and subjects that may be overlooked. She has exhibited her images at Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Art Rental and Sales Gallery, and through juried exhibitions at galleries New York, California, Texas, Oregon, Washington DC, Georgia, Connecticut, Virginia, and Missouri. Catherine is an artist member of the Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825.

Catherine’s color and black and white images have received special mention in international competitions, as nominee in the still life category of the 2006 International Color Awards, 3rd place in the architectural category of the 2004 International Black and White Spider Awards, and honorable mention in the professional “Things” category of the Women in Photography International 2004 Online Photo Exhibition. One of her images appeared in Photographer’s Forum magazine’s Best of Photography Annual 2004. Another image appears in The World's Best Black & White Photography, published in 2007.


Bare Branch Compositions II/4 April 2008

Blue Studies/New Photographs/22 February 2008

By The Sea/25 January 2008

Venice Thanksgiving/7 December 2007

Altered Views/ 26 October 2007

On Beaten Tracks/ 14 September 2007

The Train To Grover Beach/ 3 August 2007

Four Images With Commentary 6 July 2007

Bare Branch Composiions I/27 April 2007

Sky Planes/2 March 2007

alleyways/ 29 December 2006

Miscellaneous Images



Robert Royal


Robert Royal has been a professional photographer for more than 30 years. His company, Royal Productions, specializes in corporate and advertising photography and industrial documentaries.

Robert Royal was born and raised in East Gadsden, Alabama attending Gadsden High School where he was graduated in 1957. He later attended the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham majoring in Theater and English Literature before going on to further drama studies in New York City at the Uta Hagen/Berghof, School of Drama, also with Irene Daly and others.

Wanting to continue his studies in film, Robert traveled to Spain to enroll in the Spanish National Cinema School located in Madrid.

Robert's film studies were cut short when a California travel film producer, Leisure World Enterprises, applied at the Cinema School for a bi-lingual assistant/apprentice to help out with a promotional film they were shooting in Spain for the U.S. airline, TWA and the Spanish National Tourist Board. After finishing this project, Royal was asked by the producer to help out with another similar project in Egypt and thus began a period of 17 years of constant travel, shooting films and photographing throughout the world for the U.S. airline, various national tourist promotion organizations, and later, for U.S. industries with business interests abroad. This subsequently led to freelance film and photography work with CBS News, Time Magazine, The New York Times and other international media, residing for long periods of time in South East Asia and the Middle East. "It was during this time I felt myself more a traveler, a witness to world events than a photographer. Photography was the vehicle that permitted me to travel, to know and experience this big and wonderful world. It was not until later that I began to understand photography as a powerful creative medium."

In the mid1980s, Robert opened an office in Madrid specializing in corporate, and advertising photography. "After so many years traveling it was great to be able to shoot under controlled conditions, and most of all, to watch my children grow up. They have been one of my most constant subjects."

"Photographers have become the creators of the icons of modern times. Photography is constantly changing, we can be doing complicated computer generated images one day and classical black and white portraits the next, everything is valid. With digital technology, it is possible to have all the state of the art creative tools in your own studio. To control the creative process from the idea to the realization"

Robert Royal is married to Grazyna Kaminska and has three daughters. He currently resides in a village near Madrid, Spain.



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