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Entries on prototype card:

Brain: "Less tolerance for gossip and b.s"
Eyes: "New glasses no headaches"
Heart: "BP 170/90 won't take pills. I'm walking; no more red meat
Genitalia: "No Viagra (Think of this model as anatomically correct)"
Ears: "Hearing just fine"
Shoulder: "Benign tumor"
Bowels: "No colonoscopy, don't ask. I eat my bran"
"Below: "Unseen lower extremities OK"

Let them know!

The Robert A. Leeds Wellness Model (Doll?)
Your Friend

- - - - - - - - - - - is
(Fill in name)

( ) Just fine
( ) Needs work

as of

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
(Fill in date)

Another idea from Robert A. Leeds/ 2006/ Robert A. Leeds/ Preliminary sketch.

Transcription from notes on yellow


One More Idea from

Robert A. Leeds



The Robert A. Leeds Wellness Doll


Being a means (past a certain age) of informing all and sundry of Matters of Health so as not to indulge in the noisome (I know the meaning of the word—it’s a pun) discussions characteristic of the elderly (the sickness yammer).

This illustration/chart could be sent as a greeting card periodically [to] friends and family so as to forestall the idiotic questioning (by friends and family) directed at those of a certain age.

I will enter symptoms, conditions as examples only. Should not be construed as conditions of Robert A. Leeds—necessarily.

This is an idea that needs marketing. Worthwhile.


2006 Robert A. Leeds

Other Artifacts from the Life of Bobby Leeds


Letter to Ann With Sketch


8 February 2008

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