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Mouse Feather & Peanut, a

16 February 2007

Mouse Feather should have been recognized by our Guest Cat Program months ago; we apologize for the omission. Mouse Feather lives with my friends Anne and Richard Lockmiller near Seattle and has been shown on our cover sitting with a black cat on a stump. Yes, there are two cats on the stump.

Mouse Feather is obvioiusly a special cat, given his tolerance and affection for Peanut, a d * g. But of course it's been very cold in Seattle, and he might have only been seeking warmth—after all, Peanut is a d*g.

No, I'm assured by my friend Richard that he's a special and loving cat. We welcome Mouse Feather to our Guest Cat Program and, again, apologize for the delay.


15 December 2006

Today we welcome Claudia to our Guest Cat Program. Claudia is a rescued cat who lives with my friends Cliff and Jane in Minnesota. I'll allow Cliff to speak of his cat. "Claudia is a most affectionate cat, and she's truly found a home with us.…Claudia is a marvelous traveller. She rode from California to Minnesota without a moment's difficulty and treated each motel room as if it were home sweet home." Isn't she beautiful? Claudia overwhelms those colorful pillows with her beauty.


13 October 2006

Beau and Blue live with Dr. K. Lance Gould and family in Texas; we welcome them to our Guest Cat Program. Lance was a McCallie classmate of mine and is a published author (Heal Your Heart, K. Lance Gould, M.D.) Beau is a Maine Coon and Blue is a Birman and are not published authors but do facilitate Lance's publishing as do all loving cats facilitate the lives of their human companions, healers of our hearts.

The cat at the bottom of the page is Mouse Feather and lives with Richard Lockmiller and family in Washington state. Richard is from Gadsden, Alabama and is my oldest friend. There's a black cat on the stump next to Mouse Feather.


1 September 2006

Today we welcome Kia and Lani to this page and our Guest Cat Program. They live with an old friend, Mark Wilson, a man that I have not seen in fifty years but will see soon. I would say more about them, but I've found that cats eschew laudatory text, preferring the homage of an image. There they are, Kia and Lani.

30 June 2006

Alex likes to get high. He's on the bookcase right there. And two nights ago he decided to venture onto the valence above some vertical blinds. Before we could get him down, the valence—a piece of authentic apartment garbage—broke and Alex fell. And in falling he hurt his leg. No broken bones, a sprain. So until he recovers we must try to keep him from getting high.

6 April 2006

The cat on the bookcase is Alex. Alexander. And was named for Alexander Nehamas who wrote a book called "The Art of Living: Socratic Reflections from Plato to Foucault," which I have read.

That's a lie. Yes, I read the book but Alex wasn''t named for Professor Nehamas. I will sometime say that about how he was named for Professor Nehamas because it's a good story; it's impressive. The truth is that at the shelter where we adopted him he was named Elvis, and I wanted a name that wasn't Elvis; that's all. "That cat has too much dignity to be an Elvis," I said. "He's definitely a four-syllable cat and not a two-syllable cat named Elvis!" I said.


When we walked out with him, the good folks at Pet Orphans said, "Elvis has left the building." My guess is that they named him Elvis so that they could say that when he was adopted.

Alex sometimes becomes ill when we go away; we think that it's anxiety. Catherine and I have our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary coming up and have to come up with a plan for Alex so that we can go away for three nights. A friend might stay over.

The cat on the couch lives with my sister-in-law, Cynthia; and Rooney is too cute for words. He lives in San Francisco across the street from the Ritz-Carlton. He is brushed nightly and gets ice cubes in his drinking water. Why? Because he likes ice cubes in his drinking water.

The sleeping cat is Jimmie. Jimmie is sleeping because he just ate. (Jimmie sleeps a lot.) He's a great cat and the only cat I have known who enjoys air-kneading. He will lie on his back and wave at the air while spreading his claws. Jimmie also enjoys carpet swimming. That's accomplished by lying on his side and pulling himself along the carpet. So Jimmie enjoys eating, sleeping, and any exercise that can be effected while lying down.

And the cat below Jimmie is my late love Tatiana. When Tati died I bought a bottle of real Russian vodka and sat out back for several days. I don't think that booze is always bad. My standard rule about vodka is that I only drink it when I'm three-hundred miles out of L.A. But with Tati's death I made an exception. I love cats and when they die I grieve. While they are with me I'm grateful.

All of these cats* were adopted from shelters. Alex and Jimmie came from Pet Orphans in Los Angeles. Tatiana was adopted fifteen years ago from The Amanda Foundation, also in Los Angeles. Rooney was adopted from a shelter in San Francisco, Maddie's Pet Adoption Center. I could never buy from a breeder when guys like these are in shelters. Look at these wonderful cats; I love them.###


* Alex, Rooney, Jimmie, Tatiana

Lani & Kia
Mouse Feather

Mouse Feather Anchor



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