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On Tuesday I Took A
frontaptNEW flowerbedNEW oldaptNEW

That's our old apt. bldg. on the right. On the same street we're on now, just a few doors down. We had the front apt. upstairs.

This is an empty flower bed in front of my apt. bldg. We used to have flowers here year-round. Impatiens in spring & primrose in winter.

This is my apartment building.

gasred2NEW homeless2NEW

This is a neighborhood church. AA and Jazzercise meet in the basement.

This is our gas station on the corner of Van Nuys and Ventura. A red Hummer is speeding through the crosswalk.

This is a homeless woman in front of El Torito on Ventura Boulevard.

homeless4NEW sushibarNEW

This is our neighborhood hand car wash.

This is the homeless woman as I looked back at her.

This is my sushi bar.

carsstreet2NEW street3NEW

This is the Casa Blanca Hair Salon where Cathy and I have our hair cut.

This is an intersection near our apt. bldg. An Audi and a BMW are crossing.

This is my street.

livingroomNEW bathroom1NEW bed2NEW

This is my secure front gate.

These photos are of my living room, bathroom, toilet and kitchen--a cat is on the floor, eating.

This is my bed.

homeless2NEW1 hands

Here's a photo of me as I come into my apartment after my walk. I seem to be thinking of something.

16 February 2007

The Lady in the Light Blue Watch Cap was killed on the night of October 31, 2007 as she pushed her shopping cart across Ventura Boulevard, hit by a car. The driver was not cited.

Rick Coca of The Daily News helped in determining the circumstances of her death. —B.L.

16 November 2007

Please also see "Gold Slippers: For Her Dreams."

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