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from: The New York Times
June 10, 2007



by David W. Dunlap

Listen. The sound is muffled by wall-to-wall carpet tiles and fabric-lined cubicles. But it's still there, embedded in the concrete and steel sinews of the old factory at 229 West 43rd Street, where The New York Times was written and edited yesterday for the last time.

It is the sound of news, dispatched to and from the third-floor newsroom since 1913, the first year of Woodrow Wilson's presidency. It is the noise of physical exertion: the staccato rapping of manual typewriters, hundreds of them; the insistent chatter of news-agency teleprinters, marshaled by the dozens. It is bells and loudspeakers, the cry of "Copy!" to summon youngsters who carried each page of a reporter's story across the room to impatient editors, and the whoosh of cylinders pulsing through pneumatic tubes overhead with edited copy on its way to the fourth-floor composing room.

There, on clattering line-casting machines, words were turned into molten metal, letter by letter, then set by hand into page forms....



The Art of Living
Socratic Reflections from Plato to Foucault

by Alexander Nehamas

University of California Press
1998 The Regents of the University of California


Since my own view is that no single mode of life exists for all people and that the philosophical life is only one among many praise-worthy ways of living, I do not urge a "return" to a conception of philosophy as a way of life, or,...the art of living. But I do believe that we should recognize that such a conception exists, study how it survives in some major modern philosophers, and see that it is what some of us are still doing today. This book aims at opening a space for a way of doing philosophy that constitutes an alternative, though not necessarily a competitor, to the manner in which philosophy is generally practiced in our time. Some philosophers want to find the answers to general and important questions, including questions about ethics and the nature of the good life, without believing that their answers have much to do with the kind of person they themselves turn out to be. Others believe that general views, when organized in the right manner and adhered to in everyday life, create a right sort of person, perhaps really good, perhaps simply unforgettable and, to that extent, admirable. In the case of pure theory, the only issue that matters is whether the answers to one's questions are or are not correct. In the case of theory that affects life, the truth of one's views is still an issue, but what also matters is the kind of person, the sort of self, one manages to construct as a result of accepting them.....


"When will you begin to live virtuously, Plato asked an old man who was telling him that he was attending a series of lectures on virtue. One must not just speculate forever; one must one day also think about actual practice. But today we think that those who live as they teach are dreamers." Immanuel Kant, The Philosophical Encyclopeia, quoted in The Art of Living.


The New York Times

Arts, Briefly

Compiled by Lawrence Van Gelder

June 12, 2007

Violinist Turns Busker

David Juritz, the 49-year-old internationally renowned violinist who is concertmaster of the London Mozart Players and guest concertmaster of the Royal Philharmonic and London Philharmonic Orchestras, has taken to the streets. During the next five months he plans to play his way across 60,000 miles in 25 countries as a busker, to raise $1 million for charities that bring music to poor children, the Times of London reported. "Having spent the last 25 years in concert halls, I thought I would give myself something different to do, " said Mr. Juritz, who will turn 50 during his travels. Starting out last week with an empty wallet on what he calls his "Round the World and Bach" tour, Mr. Juritz...said that he would play mainly Bach partitas. If all goes well, he will visit Europe, Africa, Australia, India, Hong Kong and South America before finishing in the United States....

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