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footnote to a poem,
we want what we want
we want what we want
we want what we want
we have what we need
we have what we wanted

The fountain pen at the top of the page is an Italian Aurora 88. The image was lifted from a website that sells beautiful pens. I want that pen.

But I already have a beautiful pen—an Omas, there to the right, purchased from this same company, with a beautifully modified nib.

And I also have that pencil, a good pencil, and several more like it.

And there are three (3) Macs in my apartment office—all with keyboards. I don't need the pen, the Aurora 88, $600.00.

I have a problem with excess; I'm seeking salvation.

So what I'm going to do—on a new page perhaps— is occasionally list my wants and match them with my needs and keep score. I might even come up wth a form: "WANT, NEED, RESOLUTION" that I display here. [I did, below.]

You should also know that with Catherine's strong urging (think Tammy Wynette and "D-I-V-O-R-C-E") I have instituted what I (we) call the Five-Day Rule, as a control for my impulses: Want it; don't buy it; wait five days; beg.

I have enough; I know that I do. But the bowerbird likes pretty things.




Aurora 88
Fountain Pen with sweet nib modification.

Marking stick.
a pencil.

No pen;
marriage saved.

—Britt Leach

26 October 2007

Please also see, "The Bowerbird Likes Pretty Things."

The Aurora pen images are from Classic Fountain Pens, good people.

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