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Morrison pardon sought in Florida


The Los Angeles Times
11 April 2007

Florida Gov. Charles Crist is being asked to pardon the late Jim Morrison, lead singer of the Doors, 38 years after Morrison was convicted of exposing himself during a Miami concert.

Dave Diamond, a cable TV producer from Dayton, Ohio, wrote to Crist asking for the pardon. Diamond said the goal is to remember the Melbourne, Fla. native as an artist, not a rock 'n' roll bad boy with a rap sheet.…


The Most-Praised Generation
Goes To Work

by Jeffrey Zaslow


The Wall Street Journal
20 April 2007

Uber-stroked kids are reaching adulthood—and now their bosses (and spouses) are having to deal with them.…

You, you, you—you really are special, you are! You've got everything going for you. You're attractive, witty, brilliant. "Gifted" is the word that comes to mind.

Childhood in recent decades has been defined by such stroking—by parents who see their job as building self-esteem, by soccer coaches who give every player a trophy, by schools that used to name one"student of the month" and these days name 40.

No, as this greatest gneration grows up, the culture of praise is reaching deeply into the adult world. Bosses, professors and mates are feeling the need to lavish priase on young adults, particularly twentysomethings, or else see them wither under an unfamiliar compliment deficit.…

America's praise fixation has economic, labor and social ramifications. Adults who were overpraised as children are apt to be narcissistic ata work and in personal relationships…

The Gottman Institute, a relationship-research and training firm in Seattle, tells clients that a key to martial happiness is if couples make at least five times as many positive statements to and about each other as negative ones. Meanwhile, products are being marketed to help families make praise a part of their daily routines. For $32.95, families can buy the "You are Special Today Red Plate, " and then select one worthy person each meal to eat off the dish.…



The Caged Virgin

by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Free Press 2007


The third element is that Islam is strongly dominated by a sexual morality derived from tribal Arab values dating from the time the Prophet received his instructions from Allah, a culture in which women were the property of their fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, or guardians. The essence of a woman is reduced to her hymen. Her veil functions as a constant reminder to the outside world of this stifling morality that makes Muslim men the owners of women and obliges them to prevent their mothers, sisters, aunts, sisters-in-law, cousins, nieces, and wives from having sexual contact. And we are not just talking about cohabitation. It is an offense if a woman glances in the direction of a man, brushes past his arm, or shakes his hand. A man's reputation and honor depend entirely on the respectable, obedient behavior of the female members of his family.

Inroduction p. xi.


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