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I've been publishing on a Mac for many years with a few years off here and there for unworthy activities and generally dissolute behavior. My appreciation to the Mac for its consistent usefulness.—B.L.

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Yes, readers, we're in our third year now and are again including a PayPal Donate button on the site. If you make a donation, how would your gift be utilized? A good question. Well, to pay for the devices that allow for the creative arrangement of pixels, for web hosting, for wine—never more than $7.99 $6.99, $5.99 per bottle is our pledge. We also pledge an absence of advertising. And, yes, we realize that advertising provides revenue but feel that there's too much of that. Too much advertising out there—all the time—and we want our site to provide a respite from all that. No trash, no flash. That little orange button above is a PayPal device—if you are so moved. Thank you.

Short Rant On Backups

I use BackJack for off-site backups—a Mac-only service. They are very courteous and efficient. I guess efficient is more important than, no it's not. Well, the folks of BackJack are both. Great service.

Why am I going on about this? Because I believe in redundant backups. In fact, I believe in being a backup nut, on-site and off. It's my work and once I lost three days of my layout work because I had no backup.

So I use TimeMachine, and two external drives, each of which has a SuperDuper clone of my main drive. And I use BackJack. At 02:00 (or 2 in the morning) when I am asleep in my little trundle bed, my Mac awakes and at 02:12 BackJack begins its work, sending copies of my important files to multiple servers all over North America. While I sleep peacefully in my little trundle bed.

And then when I awake and go to my Mac and check my email I have a report from BackJack, telling me what files have been backed-up. Makes me very happy.

The Editor & Publisher


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