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Catherine Roberts Leach

Imagine living in the woods and publishing a nationally distributed magazine. (Writing, doing layout, taking it to the printer, distributing it.)

The lead piece in the issue pictured above has been reprinted here ("Confessions of A Hero"). And we also have an archives site for the magazine.

I would say more, but I get emotional about it. And we wouldn't want that. Please visit our archives.

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Fountain Pens

Yes, I love fountain pens; love is the word I used. And Sigmund Freud might have had something to say about that phrasing but remember that Freud also said, "I'll have another hit of cocaine." In German, but that's what he said. So who cares what he said about anyone loving fountain pens?

Yes, so when I buy fountain pens (and I do) and have the nibs modified (and I do that too) I tend to buy from Classic Fountain Pens in Los Angeles. But Richard Binder of Nashua, New Hampshire also sells pens and modifies nibs and also has a great reputation, I bought a beautiful vintage fountain pen from Richard Binder, an Emerald Green Parker Vacumatic. West coast and East coast. And when I buy vintage Pelikans I tend to buy from Rick Propas of PENguin. So there you are.

And please note that these testimonials were unsolicited and that I was not compensated. I mean, do I look like I was compensated?)—BL



Classic Fountain Pens, Inc.

"We believe that fountain pens are among the most beautiful objects ever made. It is our mission to give these objects the feel and performance that makes writing so enjoyable."


Classic Fountain Pens

Richard Binder Fountain Pens

"Pens that write right."

rick propas

Richard Binder Fountain Pens

The PENguin Fountain Pens
Rick Propas

"Buy, sell, repair fountain pens. Parker & Pelikan"

The PENguin Fountain Pens


"Your source for writing collectibles."


Oxfam America banner
Independent Book Stores


Book Soup; West Los Angeles

Tattered Cover; Denver

Powell's; Portland

Strand; New York

Square Books; Oxford Mississippi


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