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Note For "Staged Reading" Piece.


I'd rather not attempt to explain any of this but in the interest of getting to whatever truth is out there (Veritas-Any Day Now) I'll try. Besides, there might be a link somewhere on this site referring to a version of this piece that no longer exists.

Originally (I think) the piece existed only as the third image, the grainy thing, and was called "Unseemly Actions (Reciprocity)" And then (for some reason) I wrote a bunch of stuff that hung from that image and added two more images, and it was still called "Unseemly Actions (Reciprocity)." The date for that revision was (I think) 3 November 2006.

In revising the Contents page recently (today) I read the piece that I had hung from the original image and decided that I didn't understand what I had written. So I cut all the text, allowed the images to remain, and now call it "Staged Reading." Any further revision will probably be called "Blank Page." —BL (13 April 2008)

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